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  Mezzo Sopranos: Heather Lowe - Reviews

The Snow Maiden‚ Opera North
Opera Magazine (March 2017)

'Heather Lowe brought refined and measured tone as well as an appropriately cocksure manner to Lel.'

The Snow Maiden‚ Opera North
Classical Source (February 2017)

'Lowe does capture the charm and easygoing nature of the part in her musical performance‚ however‚ particularly in the two ballads she sings.'

The Snow Maiden‚ Opera North
Opera Now (February 2017)

'The man she really fancies is Lel‚ a trouser role for a mezzo soprano excellently taken by another talented young singer‚ Heather Lowe.'

The Snow Maiden‚ Opera North
Planet Hugill (February 2017)

'Heather Lowe was a near ideal Lel‚ the shepherd boy whose on/off romancing of the Snow Maiden triggers the final crisis. Lel has a series of songs which form set pieces of the opera‚ with Heather Lowe singing with attractively flexible tone and great charm and personality. This latter was key‚ she looked and felt like a lively teenager with a convincing rangy physique du role‚ and a lively sense of how a young man behaves.'

The Snow Maiden‚ Opera North
On Magazine (January 2017)

'The role of Lel‚ a young and handsome youth who the girls all adore‚ is sung by Heather Lowe. She has a beautiful mezzo soprano voice‚ which does not seem at all out of place. With her short‚ blonde hair and masculine stride she is the epitome of an English pantomime’s principal boy. But she wrings every ounce of cheek and cockiness out of the part‚ until you eventually forget she is a girl.'

The Snow Maiden‚ Opera North
Seen and Heard International (January 2017)

'Lel is a young village man over whom all the girls faun and swoon. Rimsky writes it as a trouser role and I do think Heather Lowe’s performance was one of the most effective operatic portrayals of a male by a woman that I’ve even seen. She managed to avoid that artificial strutting about and hands on hips that never really convinces.'

The Snow Maiden‚ Opera North
The Observer (January 2017)

' Lel‚ the trouser-role love interest engagingly portrayed by Heather Lowe‚ carries a smartphone. '

The Snow Maiden‚ Opera North
The Spectator (January 2017)

'…just as Heather Lowe nicely caught the sunny bravado of the peasant lad Lel.'

The Snow Maiden‚ Opera North
The Stage (January 2017)

'Heather Lowe perfectly suggests the laddish cockiness of village heartthrob Lel...'

The Snow Maiden‚ Opera North
The Telegraph (January 2017)

'...and a striking debut from Heather Lowe as the Cupid figure of Lel.'

The Snow Maiden‚ Opera North
The Times (January 2017)

'...the spirited Heather Lowe as the androgynous glamour boy Lel...'

The Snow Maiden‚ Opera North
The York Press (January 2017)

'Heather Lowe in the trouser role of the local Lothario‚ Lel‚ was tirelessly nimble‚ pleasingly reactive...'

Le Comte Ory‚ Chelsea Opera Group
Opera (September 2016)

'Heather Lowe was spirited as the smitten page‚ Isolier‚ her high mezzo has plenty of punch. Lowe acted well in the ensembles‚ particularly the Act 2 trio in which Ory’s fortunes take a nosedive.'

La Cenerentola‚ Opera Holland Park
Classical Source (July 2016)

' The two squabbling sisters are sung by Fleur de Bray and Heather Lowe‚ the latter in particular making a strong impression with her warm yet penetrating mezzo.'

La Cenerentola‚ Opera Holland Park
Limelight (July 2016)

'Fleur de Bray and Heather Lowe as Angelina’s demanding sisters Clorinda and Tisbe set the comic tone. Both were totally comfortable with the demands of the music and delighted the audience with their grotesque humour‚ creating much comic hilarity. Their coloratura was both accurate and firm of tone and I particularly loved the way they developed the comic pose into an art form.'

La Cenerentola‚ Opera Holland Park
Mark (July 2016)

'...Heather Lowe as the mezzo-sister Tisbe‚ providing a mellower portrayal but with no less narcissism‚ both sang beautifully. They made a marvellous trio with Jonathan Veira as their father...'

La Cenerentola‚ Opera Holland Park
Opera Today (July 2016)

'As the ‘ugly’ sisters - who are in fact ‘beautiful’ of voice and visage‚ but certainly not of virtue and moral compass - soprano Fleur de Bray and mezzo-soprano Heather Lowe were excellent as Cinders’ stepsisters‚ Clorinda and Tisbe respectively.'

Le Comte Ory‚ Chelsea Opera Group (June 2016)

'Heather Lowe was a sparky Isolier...'

Le Comte Ory‚ Chelsea Opera Group
Classical Source (June 2016)

'As Isolier‚ Heather Lowe impressed with her spinto-like high-mezzo voice‚ and allowed her contributions to ensembles to really register‚ particularly that which closes the first Act – which Rossini re-worked from Il viaggio a Reims. Her contribution to the trio that brings Ory to an end was super! '

Fidalma‚ The Secret Marriage‚ British Youth Opera
BachTrack (September 2013)

'Everyone’s singing is a delight... Heather Lowe‚ as a gin-soaked‚ chainsmoking Fidelma‚ thrums desperately with her misplaced passion.'

Fidalma‚ The Secret Marriage‚ British Youth Opera
Independent (September 2013)

'It helps that three of the singers are accomplished farceurs – Heather Lowe’s commanding Fidalma...'

Penelope‚ Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria‚ RNCM
BachTrack (December 2012)

'Heather Lowe gave a stirring performance as the heartbroken but unforgotten wife‚ assuming the character of Penelope sensitively‚ with a dramatic sense of loss and regret.'