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  Sopranos: Alison Langer - Reviews

Follies‚ The National Theatre
British (September 2017)

'...she gets to duet with her alter ego‚ the lusciously voiced Alison Langer‚ all the strings of the plot come together‚ and – for a few instants – we feel we completely ‘get’ what the show is about. '

Follies‚ The National Theatre
Evening Standard (September 2017)

'Josephine Barstow duets poignantly with Alison Langer...'

Follies‚ The National Theatre
The Arts Desk (September 2017)

'...we hear it blossom in her younger self‚ Alison Langer – but she‚ too‚ commands attention whenever she’s on stage. '

Follies‚ The National Theatre
The Independent (September 2017)

'...and the ecstatic operetta duet “One More Kiss” by the great classical soprano‚ Josephine Barstow‚ making her NT debut at 78‚ and the astonishing Alison Langer.'

Follies‚ The National Theatre
The Stage (September 2017)

'There’s Josephine Barstow and Alison Langer’s duet as old and young Heidi‚ joining their two operatic soprano voices with crystal clarity.'

La Bohème‚ Iford Arts
The Arbuturian (May 2017)

'...while Marcello’s former love Musetta‚ (the charismatic Alison Langer) makes a shameless display of throwing over her rich benefactor in order to rekindle their affair. In a scene filled with gaiety and youthful hedonism‚ Langer has star presence as Musetta‚ while the character’s questionable morals make Mimì appear all the more ethereal. There’s a convincing chemistry between both Flaum and Flavin and Langer and Lester‚ making for a captivating piece of storytelling that does sometimes leave the other characters forgotten. '

La Bohème‚ Iford Arts
The Fine Times Recorder (May 2017)

'Nicholas Lester’s Marcello and Alison Langer’s Musetta exemplify their characters’ charisma‚ selfcentredness and innate goodness...'

Snow‚ The Opera Story
Opera Magazine (May 2017)

'The soprano Alison Langer’s New Queen was particularly strikingly delivered... '

Snow‚ The Opera Story
Planet Hugill (February 2017)

'...Alison Langer made a strong impression in the small role of the mistress who becomes the new Queen.'