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  Stage Directors: Stephen Lawless - Reviews

Anna Bolena‚ Canadian Opera Company
Concerto Net (May 2018)

'Director Stephen Lawless has also created a silent role for Anna’s daughter‚ the red-haired Elizabeth‚ who becomes a pawn in the tug of war. Terrific singing and clever direction combine to create an involving evening...
The audience is treated to a mimed history lesson during the overture as the back story is explained (we also get to see the king’s first wife‚ the spurned and unhappy Katherine of Aragon). This works well‚ as does Lawless’s symbolic handling of the ever-present chorus.

Anna Bolena‚ Canadian Opera Company
Now Toronto (May 2018)

'Director Stephen Lawless gets some terrific effects from Benoit Durgardyn’s Globe Theatre-inspired set‚ particularly in the way the chorus of courtiers‚ beautifully helmed by Sandra Horst‚ get to gossip and comment on the action.'

Le Nozze di Figaro‚ Palm Beach Opera
South Florida Classical Review (March 2018)

'Stephen Lawless’s production manages to strike the perfect note between sex farce‚ social comedy and the darker overtones of servant verses master. Lawless’s staging is strongly character driven. In the best French farce tradition‚ rapid entrances and exits through doors and windows abound. '

Anna Bolena‚ Washington National Opera (September 2012)

'However‚ none of these preliminary festivities could quite prepare us for Stephen Lawless’ production of conceptual‚ exquisite theatricality and superb singing.
Even though heavily abused by stage directors all around the world today‚ the “theater within a theater” device was right on the money in Lawless’ production...
Had Donizettti been present in the WNO’s audience Saturday night‚ he would probably repeat the words that he wrote to his wife back in 1830‚ after the opera’s premiere. “A triumphal success‚ delirium – it seemed as though the public had gone mad. Everyone said that they could not remember ever being present at such a decided triumph!” Whether you are into bloody thrillers set to great music or prefer a lighter entertainment‚ Lawless’ Anna Bolena is not the show to be missed.'