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  Choreographers: Denni Sayers - Reviews

War and Peace‚ Welsh National Opera
Opera Magazine (November 2018)

'...the feeling of foreboding mixed with erotic yearning in the music of the ball scene as superbly captured in Denni Sayer’s choreography. '

War and Peace‚ Welsh National Opera
The Arts Desk (September 2018)

'The ball scene‚ a late addition‚ is meticulously staged and choreographed (Denni Sayers) to some of the opera’s most exquisite music. Prokofiev‚ who never saw the complete opera produced‚ would surely have been enthralled.'

Francesca da RImini‚ La Scala
Connessi all’Opera (April 2018)

'...e apprezzabili gli interventi coreografici di Denni Sayers. /// ...and the choreographic interventions by Denni Sayers are noteworthy.'

The Love for Three Oranges‚ Opera Australia
Limelight (June 2016)

'Denni Sayers kooky choreography delivers special pleasures of its own. '

The Marriage of Figaro‚ Welsh National Opera (February 2016)

'The efficiency of the chaos‚ with each manoeuvre coming off as highly polished‚ must be attributed to the choreography of Denni Sayers'

Hänsel und Gretel‚ Vienna State Opera
Die (November 2015)

'Das Orchester animiert und trägt die Singstimmen‚ treibt die Handlung voran und kommentiert sie‚ schmückt sie aus – und lässt nicht nur die Kinder am Ende des ersten Aktes träumen. Animiert singen und tanzen auch die Mitglieder der Opernschule und der Ballettakademie der Staatsoper (Choreografie: Denni Sayers) /// The orchestra animates and carries the voices ‚ driving the narrative forward and commented on them ‚ adorning it - and not only makes the children dream at the end of the first act . Animated singing and dancing ‚ the members of the opera school and the Academy of Ballet of the Staatsoper (Choreography: Denni Sayers)'

Hänsel und Gretel‚ Vienna State Opera
OpernNetz (November 2015)

'...die Studierenden der Ballettakademie der Staatsoper‚ deren Choregraphie Denni Sayers besorgte‚ faszinieren durch ihre Spielfreude ///...the students of the Ballet Academy of State Opera‚ Choreographed by Denni Sayers‚ fascinate with their playfulness'

BBC 10 Pieces Prom
Withycombe Raleigh C of E School (September 2015)

'We were in awe of Denni Sayers whose experience and considered vision assisted us in shortening our performance - a mastery of choreography! She was just a pleasure to work with. Denni worked our children
hard‚as does our music lead‚ and was able to bring out great enthusiasm from such young performers and allowed them to develop within their own creativity (feedback from participating school)'

Turandot‚ Teatro alla Scala‚ Milan (May 2015)

'Il coro o si agita come un sol automa‚ l’autrice della coreografia è Denni Sayers‚ o assiste immobile al rituale dei tre enigmi su un terrazzamento delle mura di Pechino /// The Chorus react as one united automaton‚ choreographed by Denni Sayers‚ to bring the rituals of the three enigmas to life‚ above the terrace of the walls of Pekin'

Porgy & Bess‚ Lyric Opera of Chicago (December 2014)

'Movement and choreography are important to “Porgy and Bess” a well. Assistant director and choreographer Denni Sayers makes the dance numbers seem to emerge naturally from the rest of the stage movement‚ making it an integral part of the characters. In both musical theatre and opera‚ dance numbers can sometimes feel like (and‚ indeed‚ are often intended to be) separate set pieces‚ divorced from the action. Not so here'

Porgy & Bess‚ Lyric Opera of Chicago
Chicago Classical (November 2014)

'Monday’s compelling and resplendently sung performance in most ways improved on the 2009 production'

Porgy & Bess‚ Lyric Opera of Chicago
Chicago on the (November 2014)

'The Lyric Opera’s revival of Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess is a thing of beauty not to be missed'

Porgy & Bess‚ Lyric Opera of Chicago
Chicago Opera (November 2014)

'Spectacular production of Gerswhin’s masterwork Porgy And Bess is once again a major artistic and musical achievement for the Lyric Opera of Chicago! It was one of those very special nights that can only in happen live‚ onstage. Over three thousand five hundred people gather to witness an ambitious and thoroughly beautiful production of Gershwin’s masterpiece‚ the American Folk Opera Porgy And Bess. For me‚ it was one of the most enjoyable nights I’ve ever spent in the theatre‚ just like the production of this wonder piece I saw in 2008. The Lyric Opera of Chicago’s second production of Porgy And Bess ranks among the finest opera I’ve seen to date! It is sheer perfection!'

Porgy & Bess‚ Lyric Opera of Chicago
Chicago Sun Times (November 2014)

'...this Porgy clearly deserves its place in Lyric’s subscription season alongside any opera by Mozart or Strauss'

Porgy & Bess‚ Lyric Opera of Chicago
Chicago (November 2014)

'Lyric’s vibrant revival of Porgy and Bess should give cheer to all who adore this tuneful slice of American verismo'

Porgy & Bess‚ Lyric Opera of Chicago
ChicagoLand Theatre (November 2014)

' the current Lyric Opera revival‚ audiences definitely can see Porgy and Bess at its best...A huge chorus sings and dances its way through the production‚ highlighted by a stirring funeral scene in the first act and a turbulent hurricane scene in the third act...the massed chorus provide some of the show’s most vivid visual images...Porgy and Bess isn’t a dancing show‚ but choreographer Denni Sayers has conceived of some spritely massed hoofing that adds energy and charm to the evening...The Lyric production is the first I’ve seen that fully captures the power of the Gershwin classic beyond a reprise of the famous songs. The singing is glorious throughout but the impact of the story cements this production as a joy'

Porgy & Bess‚ Lyric Opera of Chicago
New City Stage (November 2014)

'...the commitment to the marvelous characterizations is gut-deep‚ and wrenching'

Peter Grimes‚ Canadian Opera Company
The (October 2013)

'While it’s tempting to give the work a completely visualized staging that would match its evocative score‚ director Neil Armfeld (his work remounted splendidly here by Denni Sayers) has boldly staged it in a kind of giant church hall...every last person on the stage is acting and singing with the same white hot intensity...The opera also offers a wide array of supporting roles and they are all handled with individuality and distinction...When that curtain fell Saturday night‚ it rose again to an instant standing ovation‚ with the audience showing their gratitude for the mountain that had just been scaled so successfully against all odds. But when the bows were finished and the curtain came down for the last time‚ the incredible shout of joy in unison that was heard from behind it was the sound of a company of artists who had faced disaster and turned it into delight'

Eugene Onegin‚ Opera Holland Park
Arts (July 2012)

'Slater and his choreographer Denni Sayers make the singing-acting unusually dynamic. No one falls prey to the standard operatic (bad) habit of‚ say‚ striding downstage as directed exhibiting generalised emotions. Every shift in sung thought feels motivated and ideally placed. These performers play properly calibrated developing thoughts rather than “my character is gloomy/anguished/enraged” emoting'

Eugene Onegin‚ Opera Holland Park
The (July 2012)

'There is some stunning chorus work on show here: the Larin dance‚ for example‚ is fantastically energetic and well-choreographed‚ with the peasants’ gossipy‚ sniping vocal work and tight waltzes providing a lively respite from the story’s largely pessimistic overtones. Their ensemble work is suitably buoyant and charming; choreographer Denni Sayers deserves high praise for the use of puppetry and skilfully executed period dances'

Emperor and Galilean‚ Royal National Theatre
Guardian (June 2011)

'...breathtakingly staged...'

Ariadne auf Naxos‚ Canadian Opera Company
Toronto Sun (May 2011)

'...director Armfield and his creative team (including designers Dale Ferguson and Tim Mitchell and choreographer Denni Sayers) came up with a coalition that not only worked‚ but soared'

Ariadne auf Naxos‚ Welsh National Opera
Guardian (October 2010)

'Denni Sayers‚ who choreographed the first time round‚ also directs this revival‚ bringing an added lightness to the comedians’ Marx brothers antics'

Ariadne auf Naxos‚ Welsh National Opera
Seen & Heard International (October 2010)

'It’s funny‚ it’s rude and it’s a surefire winner.’ I said this about Neil Armfield’s Ariadne after its premiere in 2004 and I am more than happy to say it again. If anything‚ Revival Director and Choreographer Denni Sayers has cranked up the comedy even further with a fine cast of comedians led by Gillian Keith’s perky Zerbinetta and with truly excellent acting from all of the principals'

Peter Grimes‚ Opera Australia
The West Australian (February 2010)

'Vocally‚ instrumentally and dramatically this was a triumph of finely integrated operatic art...the disciplined singing of the WA Chorus was a joy. Their deployment across the stage by director Neil Armfield and choreographer Denni Sayers was consistently meaningful‚ too'

Peter Grimes‚ Opera Australia
Opera (October 2009)

'Peter Grimes is an extraordinary opera which requires extraordinary forces. That’s what Opera Australia has assembled - but that assembly is only half the story. There is far more to this Grimes than a collection of individual triumphs‚ or even the thrill of a collective one. Opera Australia’s slogan‚ "Life amplified"‚ has rarely rung as true as it does in this production. There is here a sort of alchemy: a stroke of dark and devastating magic by which all the nuts-and-bolts mechanisms of the lyric stage are rendered invisible‚ and what’s left seems to be nothing less than life itself. It might have taken them until the end of the season to do it‚ but with its new Peter Grimes‚ Opera Australia has produced what is unquestionably the finest show of the season'

Porgy and Bess‚ San Francisco Opera (June 2009)

'The stage direction‚ sets and choreography all come together in a production that is the most satisfying thing to hit the War Memorial stage since 2007’s Der Rosenkavalier'

Porgy and Bess‚ San Francisco Opera
San Jose Mercury News (June 2009)

'There is so much going on in any opera: It’s theater‚ it’s symphony‚ it’s song‚ it’s dance. That it all comes together‚ ever‚ is a sort of astonishment. That it can come together as brilliantly and with such overwhelming emotional force as it does in San Francisco Opera’s new "Porgy and Bess" is close to a miracle...The virtuoso dancing — choreography by Denni Sayers — is jubilant'

Porgy and Bess‚ Lyric Opera of Chicago
Chicago Tribune (November 2008)

'Denni Sayers supplies the terrific choreography'

Lohengrin‚ Baden Baden (November 2006)

'’(the) sloping steps of Act Two are endlessly explored by Denni Sayers’ alert choreography.'

The Little Prince‚ Boston Lyric Opera
Boston Herald (February 2005)

'...[Zambello’s] staging (realized here mostly by assistant director/choreographer Denni Sayers) combined perfectly with Portman’s music to convey the charm‚ humor and depth of the classic story by Antoine de Saint-Exupery‚ finely adapted by playwright Nicholas Wright.'

War and Peace‚ Opera National de Paris
The Opera Quarterly (August 2004)

' comes as no surprise to witness the excellent use...of the chorus‚ whether they are playing aristocrats‚ peasants‚ or soldiers; groupings and movement (to which choreographer Denni Sayers has contributed mightily) are always inventive...The Empire gowns are done in a myriad of different styles (shown off to the full in Denni Sayer’s elegant choreography.'

The Little Prince‚ Skylight Opera Theatre‚ Milwaukee
Wisconsin Journal Sentinal (March 2004)

'Director Francesca Zambello‚ with a strong assist from choreographer/associate director Denni Sayers‚ puts the set to good use.'

Bartered Bride‚ Royal Opera House
What’s On (January 1999)

'...the lively choreography of Denni Sayers.'

Bartered Bride‚ Royal Opera House
Stage (December 1998)

'...letting rip in the folk-inspired dance sequences‚ for which choreographer Denni Sayers must also take credit.'

Misper‚ Glyndebourne
Times (March 1998)

'Glyndebourne’s education team went for gold from the start...the choreographer Denni Sayers.'

Paul Bunyan‚ Royal Opera House
Independent (December 1997)

'Movement director Denni Sayers choreographed the whole piece brilliantly.'

Penelope‚ Guildhall School of Music and Drama
Sunday Telegraph (January 0)

'Some graceful choreography by Denni Sayers.'

Porgy & Bess
(January 0)