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  Mezzo Sopranos: Louise Innes - Reviews

La Traviata‚ West Green House Opera
Opera Magazine (October 2016)

'Each of the supporting roles was a vivid cameo: there was the irascible Annina of Louise Innes...'

The Sea-Crossed Fisherman‚ Hezarfen Ensemble
Opera Magazine (October 2016)

'The other challenging roles were stylishly delivered by...Louise Innes... who doubled up to provide the illusion of a bigger cast. This was the second of Ellison’s operas to have its premiere at the festival‚ and one hopes not the last.'

Semele‚ London Handel Festival‚ Queen Elizabeth Hall (March 2015)

'The revengeful Juno was powerfully and spitefully performed by mezzo-soprano Louise Innes‚ especially in the scene Juno (disguised as Semele’s sister) tricks Semele to her destruction'

Semele‚ London Handel Festival‚ Queen Elizabeth Hall
Classical (March 2015)

'Louise Innes conveyed the jealous spite of Juno‚ and together with Maria Valdmaa’s Iris‚ they made a wily pair'

Semele‚ London Handel Festival‚ Queen Elizabeth Hall
LieToFineLondon (March 2015)

'Of the soloists I must start with Louise Innes’ excellent Juno. She was alone in bringing a real sense of dramatic characterisation to the stage. Combine this with her rich and at times almost fruity mezzo and hers was a Juno not to be crossed. Both Hence‚ Iris hence away and Above Measure were delivered with vocal and regal authority combined with elegant ornamentation on both returning da capo sections'

Semele‚ London Handel Festival‚ Queen Elizabeth Hall
Planet (March 2015)

'Louise Innes as Juno was perhaps slightly more serious in the role than some‚ which is no bad thing indeed. But she clearly took great delight in the words‚ made all the more telling by the great moments not being telegraphed too far ahead. This was subtle comedy. Juno’s jealousy‚ though comic‚ was a real emotion. Technically she was suitably assured and her final air‚ Above measure is the pleasure‚ was a complete delight'

Semele‚ London Handel Festival‚ Queen Elizabeth Hall
The Times (March 2015)

'Louise Innes‚ spirited and knowing as Jupiter’s wife Juno'

Manon‚ Teatro alla Scala (June 2012)

'Talentuose attorialmente e brave vocalmente Linda Jung (Poussette)‚ Luoise Innes (Javotte)‚ Brenda Patterson (Rosette)//...vocally talented and brave Linda Jung (Poussette)‚ Louise Innes (Javotte)‚ Brenda Patterson (Rosette)'

Mozart & Bach‚ Northern Sinfonia‚ Sage Gateshead (April 2012)

'The five solo singers were all excellent...Louise Innes showed off a glorious alto voice in Esurientes implevit bones that really blossomed on the lower notes'

Carmen‚ Opera North
Nottingham Evening Post (February 2011)

'Both Peter Auty as Don José and Louise Innes as Carmen are vocally strong and convincing'

Manon‚ Royal Opera House
Opera Today (July 2010)

'we were treated to distinctive performances by Louise Innes (Rosette)... These three young ladies made vibrant contributions all evening‚ and particularly brightened the Casino scene'

Manon‚ The Royal Opera House‚ Covent Garden (July 2010)

'Il convient aussi de relever la belle prestation des trois courtisanes‚ Poussette‚ Javotte et Rosette (I must also pass comment on the beautiful portrayal of the 3 courtesans‚ Poussette‚ Javotte et Rosette)'

Manon‚ The Royal Opera House‚ Covent Garden
Independent on Sunday (June 2010)

'Simona Mihai‚ Louise Innes and Kai Rüütel sparkle as Poussette‚ Javotte and Rosette'

Manon‚ The Royal Opera House‚ Covent Garden (June 2010)

'The three ladies (Poussette‚ Javotte and Rosette) were delivered with panache by Simona Mihai‚Louise Innes and Kai Rüütel'

Manon‚ The Royal Opera House‚ Covent Garden
Whats On (June 2010)

'Simone Mihai‚ Louise Innes and Kai Ruutel add glamour to each of their appearances as the trio of floozies'

Carmen‚ The Royal Opera House Covent Garden
Times (October 2009)

'...a delightful Frasquita and Mercédès from Eri Nakamura and Louise Innes'

Carmen‚ Opéra Comique Paris
Music & (July 2009)

'Virginie Pochon and Louise Innes were attractive as Frasquita and Mercedes; they made good foils for Antonacci’s Carmen and the three were brilliantly contrasted in the Card trio in Act III'

The Poisoned Kiss‚ New Sussex Opera
Opera (January 2009)

'…it was perhaps Louise Innes and James McOran-Campbell (as the servant pair‚ Angelica and Gallanthus) who most fully realised the work’s tricky mix of comedy and pathos‚ pastiche and true emotion.'

Carmen‚ Opera Holland Park
Guardian (June 2001)

'’...she sang the role with fine-grained tone and subtle phrasing.’'

Carmen‚ Opera Holland Park
Times (June 2001)

'’Louise Innes made a light Carmen in every sense; her mezzo is Mozartian in scale‚ and she never pushed it into chesty effects beyond her range‚ contenting herself with singing both musically and wittily.’'

Marriage of Figaro‚ Garsington Opera
Sunday Times (July 2000)

'’The star of this cast is Louise Innes’ utterly captivating Cherubino‚ deliciously androgynous and randy: a treat in both of her arias.’'

Marriage of Figaro‚ Garsington Opera
Telegraph (June 2000)

'’Louise Innes was a convincing Cherubino‚ her Voi che sapete superbly phrased.’'

Die Zauberflöte‚ Aix-en-Provence
Opera North (November 1999)

'`only three singers really stood out for me‚ namely two of the three ladies (Louise Innes and ..‚)’ '