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  Choreographers: Kay Shepherd - Reviews

Carousel‚ Opera North
All Edinburgh (June 2015)

'Kay Shepherd and Kim Brandstrup’s choreography works marvels. The dance and ensemble scenes really stand out as a triumph. The dance scene that accompanies the song‚ June is Bustin’ All Over‚ is full of cheeky‚ charming and charismatic character and the ballet sequence with Billy and Julie’s daughter Louise‚ played by Beverley Grant is outstanding; expressive‚ fluid and full of beauty'

Carousel‚ Opera North (May 2015)

'Movement is wonderfully managed here‚ following Agnes de Mille’s well-tried prescriptions (choreographer Kay Shepherd‚ revival choreographer David James Hulston)‚ chorus members blending seamlessly with dance professionals in amazing displays‚ often astoundingly gymnastic'

The Marriage of Figaro‚ Opera North (January 2015)

'This gleeful production of The Marriage of Figaro made it hard to imagine any dark side at all to the comedy. The ever-mobile ensemble on stage delighted us again and again as we watched the classic story...All in all‚ this was a superbly entertaining evening‚ a Marriage of Figaro not to be missed'

The Marriage of Figaro‚ Opera North
Huddersfield Examiner (January 2015)

'Marriage of Figaro by Opera North just gets better and better'

The Marriage of Figaro‚ Opera North
Opera Britannia (January 2015)

'Le nozze di Figaro’s popularity remains undimmed‚ judging by the near-full house for Jo Davies’ new production for Opera North...Every single body movement or facial expression is telling; we can truly empathise with these characters and where they are coming from...Opera North have given their audience a heartwarming treat for the New Year with this brilliant and highly entertaining new production...don’t miss it!'

The Marriage of Figaro‚ Opera North
Telegraph (January 2015)

' exceptionally fine production that will warm the coldest heart...The net result is a Figaro of exceptional ensemble‚ rich in charm‚ humour and vitality: beautifully sung‚ sensitively staged. For pure enjoyment‚ what more can opera offer?'

Aladdin‚ Durham Gala Theatre
Chronicle Live (December 2014)

'The Gala team really do themselves proud with some cleverly created moments throughout...and one of the comedy highlights is a sand dance performed at the lair of Abanazer...The Gala’s Aladdin is a riotously funny show'

Aladdin‚ Durham Gala Theatre
The Public Reviews (December 2014)

'Comedy runs throughout the show‚ for children and adults‚ with sketches including a very amusing sand dance scene...Aladdin is traditionally a very colourful pantomime‚ and Gala Theatre’s production does not disappoint...Essential family entertainment‚ on press night Aladdin delighted a packed house of families and friends who showed their appreciation with abandon; children were dancing in the aisles while the adults stood and cheered'

Carousel‚ Opera North at Barbican
Classical (August 2012)

'The production is well staged with superb choreography by Kay Shepherd and Kim Brandstrup...Musical theatre doesn’t get much better than this'

Carousel‚ Opera North at Barbican
Londonist (August 2012)

'The dance pieces are tightly‚ yet never preciously‚ choreographed so that they capture all of the hustle and bustle of everyday life'

Carousel‚ Opera North at Barbican
Oxford Times (August 2012)

'The chorus and team of dancers were both first-rate'

Carousel‚ Opera North
Guardian (May 2012)

'Dialogue flows into song and then lifts into dance; indeed‚ there are times in Kay Shepherd’s choreography when it’s hard to know exactly where the chorus members end and the professional dancers begin'

Carousel‚ Opera North
Opera (May 2012)

'...the aggressive body language displayed in Kay Shepherd’s vigorous choreography during the Prologue and Carousel Waltz soon reminds us that the fairground barker Billy Bigelow is an outsider'

Carousel‚ Opera North
Telegraph (May 2012)

'...makes the big dance numbers exhilarating'