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  Tenors: Andrew Dickinson - Reviews

Billy Budd‚ Deutsche Oper Berlin
Oper Actuell (May 2017)

'Hervorragend gestaltet und singt Andrew Dickinson den Neuling‚/// Andrew Dickinson excellently shapes and sings the Novice '

Death in Venice‚ Deutsche Oper Berlin (March 2017)

'Twenty-four out of thirty-eight members of the company’s ensemble appear in the many small roles that Britten integrated into his score. Alexandra Hutton as the strawberry seller and Andrew Dickinson as the hotel porter deserve special mention. '

Death in Venice‚ Deutsche Oper Berlin
Financial Times (March 2017)

'...and the hotel porter (Andrew Dickinson) impressive.'

Die ägyptische Helena‚ Deutsche Oper Berlin
Seen & Heard International (April 2016)

'Andrew Dickinson’s Da-Ud revealed a beautiful lyric tenor.'

Die Liebe der Danae‚ Deutsche Oper Berlin (April 2016)

'Andrew Dickinson‚ lightened the load‚ too‚ delivering a good and entertaining performance as Pollux'

Carmen‚ Scottish Opera (November 2015)

'Their quintet ‘Nous avons en tête une affaire’ in Lilla Pastia’s tavern with the rakish smugglers Le Dancaire (Andrew Dickinson) and Le Remendado (Nicholas Sharratt) is slick and very conversational'

Lakmé‚ Opera Holland Park
British (August 2015)

'The two temple attendants Mallika (Katie Bray) and Hadji (Andrew Dickinson) are on stage for much of the action. They have a lot of sitting around in attendance‚ which is not always easy to sustain across an evening‚ but they carried it out with aplomb'

Lakmé‚ Opera Holland Park (July 2015)

'Lakmé’s servants Mallika (Katie Bray) and Hadji (Andrew Dickinson) present unblinking devotion and a serene stage presence'

Lakmé‚ Opera Holland Park
Opera (July 2015)

'As Lakmé’s loyal servant‚ Hadji‚ Andrew Dickinson sympathetically sheltered the wounded Gérald in the forest‚ and sang his Act 3 aria with a true‚ lyrical line'

Lakmé‚ Opera Holland Park
The Stage (July 2015)

'The smaller roles are neatly sketched in‚ with particular standouts from Fiona Kimm as the prissy governess Mistress Bentson and from Andrew Dickinson as Lakme’s loyal servant Hadji'

Lakmé‚ Opera Holland Park
What’s On (July 2015)

'...character definition among the principals is the product of scrupulous thought. Andrew Dickinson is disconcertingly convincing as Hadji‚ a ‘Slave of Brahma’‚ in the director’s reimagining of him as a holy fool'

The Rake’s Progress‚ Bury Court Opera
Opera Magazine (May 2015)

'Andrew Dickinson brought a compelling visceral energy to both his singing and acting‚ and his transition from wide-eyed innocent to delusional inmate was harrowingly convincing '

The Rake’s Progress‚ Bury Court Opera
British Theatre Guide (March 2015)

'Tom Rakewell is a big sing‚ but Dickinson proves he has the range and stamina‚ and subtly alters his character as he goes from country bumpkin to seasoned Londoner'

The Rake’s Progress‚ Bury Court Opera
What’s On (March 2015)

'An effortlessly assured cast is headed by Andrew Dickinson’s wide-eyed‚ Candide-like Tom Rakewell. The young tenor‚ a master of stuttering movements and Edward Norton-esque bafflement‚ has light but well-supported vocal resources that are capable of surprising bursts of power'

Unborn in America‚ Vaults Festival London
Fringe (January 2015)

'Andrew Dickinson gives a focussed‚ unnerving performance as in-vitro Jim; his unwavering voice bringing true opera to this hybrid show'

Gloria - A Pigtale‚ Bregenz Festival
Guardian (July 2014)

'...this is a team production‚ with Sion Goronwy‚ Andrew Dickinson‚ Jessica Walker and Charles Rice excelling in their multiple sausage skins'

In The Penal Colony‚ Arts Theatre London
New Statesman (June 2014)

'Dickinson is that rarest of things‚ a genuine high tenor‚ tackling Glass’s unforgiving lines with tone and personality‚ never letting the technical demands intrude into characterisation'

The Crackle‚ Linbury Theatre London
Harper’s Bazaar (April 2014)

'The tenor‚ Andrew Dickinson‚ as George‚ sang with excellent diction and does particularly well in his scenes with Terfel'

The Crackle‚ Linbury Theatre London
Telegraph (April 2014)

'...the excellent young character tenor Andrew Dickinson did everything he could to make the depressive George seem real and sympathetic'

The Rape of Lucretia‚ Glyndebourne
Opera (November 2013)

'Andrew Dickinson and Kate Valentine were outstanding as the Male and Female Chorus respectively‚ engaging our interest and our feelings as they related and participated in the unfolding tragedy. Dickinson articulated Duncan’s literary turgidities with clarity and fluency‚ his delivery natural and unmannered but the sentiments heartfelt'

The Rape of Lucretia‚ Glyndebourne
Seen & Heard International (November 2013)

'Andrew Dickinson has a very pure voice and excellent intonation and he gave us very clean‚ sculpted phrases that suits Britten’s music well'

Eugene Onegin‚ Bury Court
Opera Now Japan (March 2013)

'...Andrew Dickinson has a voice full of warmth and emotion. His intense yet humble portrayal of Lenski brought an instant connection with an enraptured audience'

The Yellow Sofa‚ Glyndebourne 2012
Opera Magazine (August 2012)

'...Andrew Dickinson as the seducer demonstrated a virile tenor well suited to comedy and seduction'

La Périchole‚ Garsington (June 2012)

'The big set pieces such as the wedding scene are hilariously done‚ getting plenty of laughs for Andrew Dickinson and Oliver Hunt as the drunken lawyers...'

Kommilitonen (World Premiere) Royal Academy
Telegraph (March 2011)

'...Pountney has put together an admirably effective and inventive production and Jane Glover conducts a enthusiastic orchestra with aplomb. The overall standard of singing is high - the White Roses Aoife Miskelly‚ Johnny Herford and Andrew Dickinson stood out - and it speaks well of the RAM’s opera school that so many healthy young voices are on display...'

Albert Herring‚ Royal Academy of Music
Musical Pointers (March 2010)

'In the title role‚ Andrew Dickinson was nothing short of superb'

Albert Herring‚ Royal Academy of Music
Opera Magazine (March 2010)

'...With Albert‚ the audience is always waiting to see how he grasps his change of direction‚ and Andrew Dickinson did not disappoint in his portrayal of growing up. He has a light‚ natural tenor and he uses it very expressively...his narration of what he got up to in the fleshpots of east Suffolk was touching and sweet – and his “That’ll do‚ mum” was‚ in its way‚ heroic...'

Elijah‚ Chichester Cathedral
Chichester Observer (June 2009)

'...Willard White’s physically-impressive presence coupled with his mighty bass-baritone voice easily covering the full range of emotions demanded‚ making him the perfect Elijah in this very exacting role...Although almost impossible to choose‚ for me the best voice was Andrew Dickinson singing the tenor parts...'

Così fan tutte‚ Clonter Opera
Manchester Evening News (April 2009)

'...Andrew Dickinson (Ferrando) is that rare find‚ an unforced‚ warm and confident high tenor...'